What Clients Say

  • ‘Excellent and I had no idea how far my change would go…..and is still going!’
  • ‘I thought you were very professional, but also warm and friendly, which is important to put people at ease. Your working methods are very thorough and you feel like you’re getting your money’s worth.’
  • ‘It was so simple and it’s not until you really walk away and discover you’re different a few days later that you really understand how much an impact it has made’
  • ‘Reassuring, straightforward and painless. Focusing on the future not the past to make today different.’
  • ‘Thank you Thank you Thank you’
  • ‘What you did well was discretion (as far as I know), being very sound of mind (!), in control and versatile to how I responded’
  • ‘I think the one thing that really impressed me is how laid back you made me feel from the beginning! I was a bit worried at first as had no idea what to expect and thought you may have thought my unusual phobias were weird but you were amazing! thanks again for everything u have no idea how much it has changed my life xx’
  •  ‘I have had quite a bit of various different counseling, CBT and psychotherapy in the past and I would say that the big difference between you and them are as follows:
    Simple and straightforward
    Focused on the goal and no doubt that we will get it
    No emotion – it was almost like being put under a general and having an op. Obviously there was some emotion but it was present emotion not past.
    Future focused’